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The accumulation of fluid that is commonly found underneath the skin are known as blisters. Exposure of a part of the body, that is, to too much heat and pressure leads to formation of blisters in the skin. At some cases, blood is found under the skin rather than clear fluids, this is then referred to as blood blisters. This kind of blisters are usually reddish but in some cases, blood blisters can also be dark blue. Once blood blister erupts, liquid of the same color comes out of the swollen part.

Blister is a normal reaction of the body to defend itself from the harmful effects of exposure to excessive pressure and heat. In normal cases, the blood vessels do not get damaged by the trauma. In the case of blood blister, the blood vessel in the area that was ruptured or damaged leads to the formation of blood on the said part of the body. There are also some cases when blisters are brought about by allergic reaction, sweltering of the skin and skin infection.

It is very common for blood blisters to appear on places of the body where there is a rich supply of blood like the lips and the mouth. The skin on your feet are also prone to blood blisters. You get them by wearing close shoes that are either too small or too big or continuous standing or waking for a long span of time.

Blood blisters oftentimes disappear by itself that is why treating them is not necessary. However, when blisters are too big, applying cold compress to it can help the swelling to subside. Elevation of the blistered part allows the blood to scatter and the swelling to subside. Epsom salt is also considered helpful in treating blood blister. Soak the swollen part on it and it can help in alleviating the swell.

One important reminder when you have blood blister is to never burst it for it may cause blister infection. Instead, let a doctor treat it especially if the swelling is too much. If you have blisters, cover with it with bandage so that it will not burst or if ruptured on its own, wash it immediately and disinfect it with antiseptic solution.

The best treatment to blister or any ailment is prevention. Thus, avoid things that can cause blisters to form. Avoid wearing tight fitting shoes for they increase the friction between the feet and the shoes, thus causing the blisters to appear. When doing stuff that can cause blisters in the hands, wear gloves for protection. Avoid allergens if you get blood blisters when exposed to them.

Now you know what blood blister is and what their causes are. Remember that they can be avoided, thus, little preventive measure is not too much compared to the discomfort they bring.
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Facts About Blood Blisters

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This article was published on 2010/11/26