Revolution Through Menstrual Blood

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Experiments have showed that these are stem cells in the menstrual blood. The stem cells are rich in white blood cells. Now this blood rich in stem cells can repair the damaged or the dying cells. Stem cells can be of three types, Hematopoietic stem cells, Mesenchymal stem cells and Endothelial stem cells. The Hematopoietic stem cells help to produce three types of blood cells which help in circulation. They are white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets. The Mesenchymal stem cells help to differentiate into chondrocytes, myocytes and many more. They are often termed as the gate keeper of bone marrow.

Once the blood rich in stem cells is injected in a human body it can cure several diseases. Stem cell therapy is popular since more than a decade now. The therapy is popular in countries like USA, Italy, Germany, Denmark, UAE, Egypt, Russia, Greece and many other countries. The treatment which involves Stem cell therapy is painless, though it might be a little cost effective. If the menstrual blood is used to cure diseases it will not give rise to any controversy as it does not involve destruction of human embryos. The Stem cell therapies cure both cancerous and non cancerous patients. The menstrual blood is thrown away as a sanitary waste. But this blood has the capacity to cure diseases like acute leukemia, osteoporosis, spinal cord injury, strokes, burns, metabolic disorder and many more.

Nicole Kuzmin-Nichols, who is the co principal investigator and CEO of Saneron is of the view that: "This project is a natural extension of ongoing collaborative research efforts between Saneron, USF, and Cryo-Cell over the last 10 years. The menstrual blood-derived stem cells provide a renewable source of adult stem cells that is easily obtainable".

There are health centers which provide kit to store the menstrual blood for future use. The menstrual blood needs to be collected in the collection package. The freezed packs are to be kept in the freezer the moment it arrives. A menstrual cup is given to collect the blood. A teaspoon of the fluid needs to be collected. Once the fluid is collected it needs to be refrigerated. While the first sample to been freezed the second sample may be collected. The collected blood is send to the healthcare. Once the blood is collected it undergoes the process of preservation. The preservation process is such that the blood retails the quality. The amount which is stored is a nominal amount. In the recent years the cost to store the menstrual blood will fall drastically. Keeping all these beside, the youngest experiments have showed that the menstrual blood is also rich in stem cells. Further it can also cure fatal diseases. There are several advantages of the menstrual blood. They are available in abundance and they can be used to treat without the fear of tissue rejection. Further the ethical groups does not raise question on destruction of embryonic stem cells. The blood has can be of immense help for stroke and other diseases too.
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Revolution Through Menstrual Blood

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This article was published on 2010/12/01