The 12 Benefits Of Walking

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Nowadays healthy become a hot topic, and there are many people pay attention to it. Health is the basement of our life, we should be careful to that.

There are many ways to be fit, such as walking. Today we will talk about the benefits of walking. Hope you can benefit a lot and pay attention to it.

1, Enhance heart function, slow the heart and make the heart powerful.

2, Enhance the elasticity of blood vessels, reducing the likelihood of vascular rupture.

3, Increase muscle strength, strengthen your feet and bones, and make joint more flexibility, promote blood circulation and metabolism.

4, Promote digestion, increase your appetite, it is beneficial for the prevention and treatment of hypertension, diabetes, obesity, habitual constipation embolism.

5, Walking outdoors in the fresh air, can make your brain becomes clear, flexible, and can effectively remove the mental fatigue, enhance learning efficiency. According to experts testing, walk 3 times a week, each one hour, continuously adhere to the 3 months, the effect is clearly.

6, Walking is a kind fitness approach it can reduce muscle contraction, when you are irritability and anxiety, you can walk for 15 minutes, it can ease tension.

7, Timely adhere to the walking, can reduce high blood pressure, body fatigue, mental pleasure and ease palpitation palpitations.

8, It can reduce the accumulation of glycerol.

9, Walking can reduce the fat accumulation, can make your figure more beautiful.

10, Reduce the formation of blood clots and reduce the likelihood of myocardial infarction.

11, Reduced hormone production and reduce the occurrence of arterial vascular disease.

12, Can protect the environment, eliminate air pollution, and strong body, improve immunity, reduce the possibilities of disease, prolong life but also have a positive role in promoting.

Some people say that life should be fixed, on the other hand many people think that we should be more active and exercise more, because the human body is a machine, it needs regularly motion otherwise it will become dead.

Walking is not only beneficial to your physical health but also helpful to your mental fit. So let us do it and walking more. It is an environmental behavior.
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The 12 Benefits Of Walking

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This article was published on 2010/12/25